Condensing Boilers


* 95% AFUE rating  (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency,  a standard government rating for energy efficiency.)
** Modulating burner
* Natural gas or propane

* Sealed combustion

* Direct-vent

* Cast-aluminum mono-block heat exchanger
* Integrated modulating boiler control with high limit and probe type low-water cut-off

* Direct spark igniter

*Automatic gas valve & blower
* Swing out control panel for easily accessible components
**The modulation feature of the 95M allows the boiler to change its heat output relative to actual current  load requirements.  Modulating boiler applications are best for larger homes with many or small zones.     In these applications the boiler will modulate to a lower output, versus cycling on and off, when the smaller zones call for heat.  This reduces temperature swings and maximizes comfort.Q95M-200

Ultra Series 3

 *95% AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency,
a standard government rating for energy efficiency.)
* Gas-fired water boiler with cast aluminum heat exchanger

* Venturi mixing body mixes air
&  gas providing higher efficiency

* Designed to operate in low temperature condensing applications

* Outdoor reset and domestic hot water priority standard

* Negative regulated gas valve precisely delivers gas to the boiler

* U-Control gives you the power for easy set-up and maintenance

* Modulates with 5 to 1 turn-down ratio

* Variable speed motor matches combustion output to heating needs

* High grade stainless steel burner features quiet operation, high efficiency, and cleaner combustion for low NOx applications